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Dissociatives belong to the class of drugs psychedelic that induces people to feel detached or separated from their own body or physical realm. Dissociatives are also known as dissociative anesthetics and can also sometimes cause hallucinations and other modifications in emotions, thoughts, and consciousness. These pcp drugs also have strong anesthetic effects, which stimulates amnesia and analgesia. These drugs can lead to some dissociative disorders if one consumes it in large amounts, and that's why different types of dissociation treatment such as therapies, counseling etc.

Effects of dissociative anesthetic

The effects of each dissociative is different from one person to another depending on the exemption and tolerance of the user. Multiple dissociatives include general depressant effects that include pain relief, drowsiness, slow ineffective breathing, anesthesia, loss of muscle control, and mental and memory impairment. But it can be habit forming, so it is best to use them as per directed by the doctor or a healthcare professional.

Some of the best dissociative anesthetic 

There are a large number of dissociative anesthetics available in the market. Some of the most common dissociative anesthetic are Ketamine HCL Injection, USP, Diphenidine, Metaphit, MXE (Methoxetamine) powder, NPDPA, Dextromethorphan, Nitrous Oxide, Enadoline, Etoxadrol, Diethyl ether, Remacemide, Esketamine, Ketamine HCL, Xorphanol, Salvinorin B methoxymethyl ether, N-Ethylnorketamine, Levorphanol, etc.

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