BEST customer service in town! Always super friendly and helpful. Sam found a medication my boyfriend was taking That was life threatening that all the other pharmacists missed!! I'll never go to anywhere else.


The Team at Soft care pharmacy are exceptional.  They show a level of customer care that I haven't received anywhere else.  They work for your business and interact with you on a personal level that is unmatched. The attention to detail they show means so much when dealing with medications


The owner and staff are very efficient, friendly, and helpful  always willing to go above and beyond their duties to help out their customers,. This is the first pharmacy that has made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I rate them good!


Sam & his staff are knowledgeable, friendly, efficient & go over and above for my husband & I.  The drive through is especially helpful at any time but especially in this pandemic. We have never gotten this type of personal service at any other drugstore! Highest Recommendations!


I love this Pharmacy.  They really care about their clients.  I also appreciate how ahead of the game when they decided to install a drive through. Brilliant!Great forward thinking


I was happy I found this pharmacy was going by the whole city and when I got here I was happy with everything


My son here Lovren was in a dieing state don't want to even remember I am grateful for Sam and Soft Care service you are really Soft Care for real thanks 


Estoy contento con la forma en que tuve un malentendido con la vendedora y la situación se manejó con ella siendo castigada.
Estoy feliz de que pongan a sus clientes como prioridad

Isabella Gomez

Soft care pharmacy I doubted when I had my tracking number and there was a delay and it was reactified immediately I complain


I have been on medications for about 12 years and never had a service like this of Soft Care 
Even when I ordered it was on time with the delivery


What a welcoming staff at Soft Care I was pressed and I went to buy from the store which they had a meeting but they decided to attend to me 
Thanks Sam


Mi abuela aquí estaba tomando una píldora y tenía su receta en el momento en que fui allí, el personal aún trató de examinarla de forma gratuita y sin costo adicional.


Ich würde Ihnen raten, sich an einen Dienst zu wenden, der Deutsch spricht, da Ihre telefonische Betreuung auf Deutsch nicht so gut ist, aber ich bin froh, dass es mir trotzdem gelungen ist, meine Medikamente zu bekommen

Jesko Volge

Pour moi 6/10 pour les services de Soft Care Pharmacy


My doctor recommended Soft Care pharmacy to me and believe me honestly they have a soft call attendant receptionist and the few of their staff I met with them 


Os preços não são tão caros em comparação com as outras farmácias, mas como comprador, sempre desejarei que seja mais barato


Great service from Soft Care I am happy with what I ordered and how prompt I receive my package thanks to the delivery man whom with all the complication I had with my address still was patient to make things work out perfect 


Mi hija aquí realmente necesitaba antihistamínico porque tiene (sinusitis)
Su línea de atención me respondió cuando pido ayuda.


El proceso fue fácil, pero la receta tardó un poco en llegar.


Min inhalator bliver sendt tilbage ... indlægget her rodede ... Soft Care Pharmacy har været fantastisk ... de hjælper mig med at løse problemet, de er gode for mig

Olsen Vart

Det er en vidunderlig service. Priserne er overkommelige. Jeg har været hos Soft Care Pharmacy siden 2015. Repræsentanterne og sælgerne er altid meget høflige og hjælpsomme. Frieda Volgen

Frieda Volgen

Det er en vidunderlig service. Priserne er overkommelige. Jeg har været hos Soft Care Pharmacy siden 2015. Repræsentanterne og sælgerne er altid meget høflige og hjælpsomme. Frieda Volgen

Frieda Volgen

Jeg var allerede på kanten med andre apotek jeg brukte tidligere selv med resept, jeg var ikke fornøyd med tjenestene deres Men da jeg fant ut om Soft Care, er de virkelig myke, og relativt sett har de kvalitetsmedisiner som andre farmasøyter jeg brukte Men deres spørsmål


En sådan respektfull och välkomnande personal från Soft Care De ger dig mediciner och förklarar biverkningarna av överdriven konsumtion så att de lutar mer åt läror snarare än att göra vinster


As you can see how happy I am just from receiving my meds at the appropriate time from Soft Care on time delivery 
But the only worries I had was with the delivery cost 


Customer service was very helpful to me just came to the US I order some sleep pills because I have insomia it helped me so much
I appreciate their drugs quality


Einfach Bestellungsprozess ouni Rezept déi Dir hei zu Lëtzebuerg liwwert ass eng Erhuelung fir d'Leit hei Mir feelen wierklech esou Apdikt vun Ärem Standard hei zu Lëtzebuerg


Jag hade så ont att jag inte ens kan skriva men med Soft Care har jag fått mina Fetanyl-plåster på alla mg levererade till mig och efter test är deras kvalitet bara bäst Tack Soft Care och team Men din samtalstjänst svenska är inte perfekt


Acabo de tomar su enlace de una amiga que conocí en el tren, le expliqué mi situación y me refirió a Soft Care. Le estoy agradecido.
Pero Soft Care estuvo ahí para mí con su Soft Voice


I had a hard time with your online platform placing my order but when I reached out to your call line I was directed and it was successful 

But try to do lower your prices



Soft Care Pharmacy Vorrei che tu fossi qui in Italia, hai ricevuto la mia prescrizione, ma i dottori continuano a frustrarmi con programmi diversi, soffro davvero, ma con la mia prescrizione posso ancora ricevere aiuto Salsa Pellotti

Salsa Pellotti

Minulla oli erektiohäiriö, täällä Suomessa oli todella vaikeaa saada Kamagraa tai Cialis-reseptiä
Mutta kun etsin ja löysin Soft Caren, heräsin henkiin
Pakettini toimitettiin
Mutta minulla on vain vaikea puhelupalvelu puhua suomea


I had a difficult time with sleeping and I prefer Dormicum but I couldn't find it but whe n I found Soft Care they had the varietes 
With good quality 
I sleep now well


I am on some Anti Cancer Pill prescribed to me by the doctor but it is hard to find 
but with soft care I had my Nexavar (Sorafenib) delivered on time 
Thanks the delivery team of Soft Care


The delivery at times is so slow! I am always waiting for up to two days. I must admit, this has put me off purchasing from this Pharmacy many times, as I can't risk not receiving my items in time for their intended purpose.


My last order was 36 hours , I am yet to receive a dispatch email.


Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Customer service was disgusting basically saying it was my problem.  I buy from different pharmacies a LOT and have never encountered such abrupt unhelpful customer service.


Always waiting for the online service to respond because of so many online customers you need to get maybe 2 call line service 


I am a cancer diagnose patient constantly on the Oxycontin pill the call service help directed well to place my order 
But it a delayed for my medication to be delivered
It was a difficult time for me but on the other had the quality of your drugs are perfect I never found that here in Australia 


I was on Orlistat with a doctor prescription and approved exercise but I have never seen any pharma in the US I had ever used like Soft Care Pharmacy
without my doctor they can still dispatch a staff to come help me out 
Shenelle Lyold.

Shenelle Lyold

I really took a long mile to have a good sleep like some people so I was on doctors prescription on Temazepam to hep me out believe me I have tried several stores Pharma their prices were way too high 
But with Soft Care Pharmacy I go for the quality 



Ich bevorzuge Zolpidem wegen meiner Schlafstörungen, deshalb habe ich hier in Deutschland in vielen Apotheken bestellt Aber ich bin gerade auf Soft Care Pharmacy gestoßen Ihre Qualität ist eine der besten Sogar die Online-Bestellplattform ist viel einfacher

Heingolf Volgen

Heingolf Volgen

Depression fick mig under många år Amytal var min egen räddare i lika många år men fortfarande på mitt recept var det verkligen svårt för mig att komma hit i Sverige Men med Soft Care oavsett priser med vissa hur samma med här i Sverige Men jag går för kvaliteten Jag är tacksam mot samtalstjänsten som försökte hjälpa mig

Enna Vinge

Si tienen algún problema con tener Fludara mi gente del mundo del Cáncer solo vayan a Farmacia Soft Care


I used Orlistat from many other Pharmacies but honestly the effect was not as good as that of Soft Care Pharmacy which was referred to me by my doctor just try them 


 Alprazolam war für mich das Beste, aber ich hätte nie gedacht, dass es etwas anderes gibt als die anderen Apotheken, die ich hier in der Schweiz genutzt habe Aber als ich bei Soft Care Pharmacy bestellt habe, bin ich ein Zeugnis

Otto Leon

I was on Ketof all my life honeslty with Soft Care Pharma their qualities have really been a relief to me 



I was lost but a calm and understanding customer service they have I was able to go through with my order 

I was at first pissed off but I misinterpreated everything 

Thanks for your warm welcome Soft Care 


Olen iloinen aikatajustasi, koska täällä Suomessa en ole koskaan nähnyt apteekkia näin hienolla ajantajulla
Mutta puhelupalvelusi ei ole niin hyvä
Mutta 6 vastaan 10


I came over here in California for a visit been to some other Pharmacy stores but honestly with Soft Care Pharmacy their service got me feel like a real customer 

Thanks to the receptionist and every other staff they are Soft like their name Soft Care Pharmacy


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