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If you’re looking for a powerful, yet balanced high, Master Kush is the perfect strain for you. Master Kush is a classic indica strain that has been around for generations, and its effects are still beloved by many.

The History Of Master Kush

The kush weed was initially cultivated by the Dutch White Label Seed Company in the late 1980s. It was created by crossing two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region, a mountain range located in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India. 

The Aroma Of Master Kush

This strain is known for its pungent, skunky aroma, and its long-lasting effects. When smoking Master Kush, you’ll immediately notice its earthy, skunky aroma. The taste is slightly sweet and spicy, with notes of citrus and pine. Master Kush strain is a strong strain that tends to hit hard and fast. Many users report feeling relaxed and sedated after smoking it, as well as having an overall uplifting mood. It’s known for being incredibly potent, so it’s recommended that novice users take it slow.

The Effects Of Master Kush

The effects of Master Kush last for hours, making it a great strain for those who suffer from chronic pain or insomnia. It’s also a great strain for winding down after a long day, as it can help you relax and ease stress. Overall, Master Kush is a great choice for those looking for a strong, balanced high. It’s a classic strain that has been around for generations, and it’s known for its long-lasting effects. 

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