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Vivitra (Trastuzumab) is a new drug that is making waves in the cancer treatment arena. Well, It is a monoclonal antibody drug that has been developed to specifically target and treat HER2 positive breast cancer. Currently, this drug is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments available for this type of cancer.

How Does Vivitra Work?

Vivitra (Trastuzumab) works by targeting the HER2 protein, which is found in higher levels in some types of breast cancer cells. The drug then binds to the protein and blocks its action, causing the cancer cells to die which works by the process that is known as antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). Vivitra (Trastuzumab) is often used in combination with other chemotherapy drugs to treat late-stage HER2 positive breast cancer. In addition to being effective against HER2 positive tumors, the drug has also shown promise in treating other types of cancer, such as ovarian cancer.

The Benefit Of Using Vivitra

The main advantage of Vivitra (Trastuzumab) is that it is much less toxic than traditional chemotherapy treatments, meaning that patients can experience fewer side effects and a better overall quality of life during treatment. Moreover, the drug also has a much longer half-life than traditional chemotherapy treatments, meaning that it can remain in a patient’s system for a longer period of time and be more effective at treating the cancer. Overall, Vivitra is an exciting new treatment option for HER2 positive breast cancer and other types of cancer. 

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